We believe our passion for açaí bowls is portable!  We’ll bring an exciting new twist to your next event! Our catering team is adaptable and specially trained to cater to your event needs — whatever they may be — private, corporate or fundraising. Our team will arrive ready to keep their eyes on the prize and ensure that your event is a success!


Catering FAQ

What is Healthy Happy Hour catering?

Guests at your event can enjoy our DIY açaí bar concept — accompanied by our stellar team with:

  • 100% pure açaí
  • hemp & gluten-free granola
  • fresh fruit bar (bananas, strawberries & blueberries)
  • superfood topping bar (choice of 3 options)
  • 2 hours of free bowl-tending


Is there a minimum for catering?

Our catering service does require a 20-person minimum order.


What fees are included in the total cost?

The prices for our catered menu items are the same as the prices for our regular menu items!  The only additional fee that we charge is a small travel fee.


When is the latest I can book an event?

We are able to accept requests up to 24 hours in advance.  Please note that with a shorter notice, the date requested may not be available due to another event.


Can I request an event more than the 2 hour free service?

Yes!  There is a fee for additional hours if your event requires more than 2 hours.  Please contact for more information.


What forms of payment do you take?

We take debit/credit card and check.  Please note that payment is due prior to our arrival.


Can you accommodate dietary restrictions or personalized orders?

Yep!  We can accommodate most request, so long as you notify us during your booking 48 hours in advance.


Do you need power?



How much time do you need to setup? 

All that we require is one hour to set up an enjoyable spread for you and your guests!


Will you provide utensils?

Yep!  We will provide the serving utensils, spoons, and napkins.  We can also bring our own canopy and tables, if necessary.


Our event/office building requires that you add them as an additional insured.  Can you do that?

Yep!  All we need is the company name and address of the building to issue a Certificate of Insurance to you.  We can also add your company with your company’s name and address.  Please submit the name of the additional insured and the address when booking.


I need more info. Who can I contact?

You can reach us at