Twenty Two Juicery & Smoothie Bar was founded by college sweethearts, Ross & Leslie Hanna. The number, “twenty two“​, comes with a lot of good memories and meaning. It represents our birthdays (Ross: November 22nd & Leslie: October 22nd), our wedding date (September 22nd) and the number of menu items (22) that we offer. So, when it came to naming our juice bar, we didn’t have to think for very long!

Twenty Two was started in 2013 and created from our passion for good food, good health and quick service. As healthy food lovers at heart, we were always on a search for truly healthy food options in the Indianapolis area. Given that our choices were limited, we decided to create a solution to this problem. In came fresh juice, superfood smoothies & açaí bowls! And better yet, all of our menu items are made and served fresh from within our shop at the Indianapolis City Market. How can anyone resist!? No gimmicks and no “fast food”, only fresh and healthy options for your on-the-go breakfast, mid-afternoon snack or recovery meal after a good workout or long day of work!  So, what are you waiting for!?  Come check us out!