Twenty Two Juicery & Smoothie Bar was founded by Ross & Leslie Hanna in 2013. The name, Twenty Two“, was chosen as it represents our birthdays (Ross: November 22nd & Leslie: October 22nd), our wedding date (September 22nd) and the number of menu items (22) that we offer.  We might also tell you that we could not agree on an actual name, so we settled on a number 


Fun Facts About Twenty Two

  • Before opening our bar within the Indianapolis City Market, we operated out of a 1964 Shasta Airflyte Camper Trailer that we had fully-restored and outfitted as a mobile commercial food trailer (pictured below).  Although we no longer own our mobile food trailer, it’s legacy lives on within the name of our most popular smoothie — Shasta La Vista!

  • Vegan-friendly!  All of the ingredients that we use at Twenty Two are vegan-friendly — except our local honey.  Happily, the local honey can always be substituted for raw agave upon request!
  • No added sugar!  We do not add sugar or use any food products that contain added-sugars!
  • No ice!  We do not add ice to any of our smoothies or açaí bowls.  Only the best and most wholesome foods go into our menu items — no fluff here!
  • Nutritious!  We believe that everything that we serve is good for you.  It’s all about eating real food.  We boast zero unpronounceable ingredients and serve truckloads of fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds & more!